Electric Motors


TECO-Westinghouse is a world leader in the design, production and marketing of electric motors and motor control products. Whatever your application requirements, EMSL and TECO-Westinghouse will use our combined extensive stock and product inventory to satisfy all of your motor needs. Together EMSL and TWMI Canada are your preferred source for electric motors and variable speed drives. Talk to us about custom-built motors for a variety of applications and duty cycles.

EMSL is a Master Distributor for TECO-Westinghouse products ranging from fractional horsepower motors to 2000 hp. As a Master Distributor for TECO-Westinghouse products in Alberta, EMSL is the best equipped solutions provider of electric motors, generators and variable frequency drives for all of your electric motor needs.

EMSL sells all TECO-Westinghouse motors products. For more information about TECO-Westinghouse electric motor products, please visit http://www.twmi.com.




ABB owned Baldor-Reliance is a US-based manufacturer of baldor_smallelectric motors, generators and variable frequency drives. EMSL is proud to be a distributor for ABB and Baldor-Reliance electric motor products in Alberta. EMSL has built a strong relationship with ABB and Baldor-Reliance over the years, and EMSL sells and services Baldor-Reliance motors as part of its total “solutions provider” perspective. As a trusted ABB and Baldor-Reliance partner, EMSL is your best option for purchasing Baldor motors and motor control products.

As a certified ABB/Baldor-Reliance distributor, EMSL has access to the entire Baldor-Reliance electric motor and motor control product line. Products range from fractional horsepower motors to specialty explosion proof motors of varying sizes. Whether it be farm duty motors, ODP motors or TEFC motors, EMSL and ABB/Baldor-Reliance can help you with your electric motor needs.

For more information on ABB/Baldor-Reliance products and the ABB/Baldor family of electric motor products (including Dodge and other motor products), please visit http://www.baldor.com.

WEG Motors

WEG Motors is a large, internationally recognized Brazil-based manufacturer of electric motors, generators, transformers, motor control products and other electrical specialty products. EMSL is pleased to be associated with WEG Motors and their Canadian Distributor, V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc. and is pleased to be a certified distributor and service facility for WEG Motors. WEG’s internationally-recognized products help EMSL to be a true motor solutions provider to its customers. Whether it be a small fractional HP motor or a large specialty motor, EMSL and WEG Canada can likely help with a motor for your needs and application.

EMSL and WEG Canada can also provide solutions to your transformer challenges. Please call your local EMSL inside or outside sales representative for help in sourcing and configuring a transformer for your application. Visit the contact page for more information.

For more information about WEG motors and WEG Canada, please visit http://www.weg.net/ca or http://www.pamensky.com.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

As an electric motor solutions provider, EMSL is a distributor of a number of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motor control products manufactured by leading electric motor suppliers including TECO-Westinghouse, Baldor, WEG, Franklin Electric and others. Contact any of EMSL’s inside or outside sales representatives for more information on the motor control products that are best for you and your application.